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Vendor Demo Room Session - Litéra - By Anywhere ILTACON 2016 Annual Educational Conference General Education Session
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August 31, 2016
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM ET
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For years, we have promised our knowledge workers true anywhere, anytime access to tools and data. Litera Anywhere™ is our fulfillment of that promise. The mobile landscape has changed significantly in recent years. We've progressed from home PCs and mobile laptops to a wide spectrum of mobile devices with access in previously-unimagined places (plane computing, anyone?). Anywhere, anytime computing has quickly become any device, any network, any cloud computing. And your documents? They are everywhere! We're excited to face the challenges coming with the growing mobile landscape! Let us tell you why! Join Joy Heath Rush and Donovan Alexander to hear about Litéra Anywhere™. Your documents are everywhere, and other places too. Not to worry, Litéra is anywhere!

Magnolia 2

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