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Ron Friedmann
Chief Knowledge + Information Officer LAC Group
5151 10th Rd N Arlington, VA 22205 United States

Ron Friedmann is Chief Knowledge + Information Officer for LAC Group. He helps clients and LAC find, use, organize, and re-use information and know-how. Part of his mandate is innovating how LAC delivers its services and results to clients.

He has extensive experience in information-intensive businesses, including law, management consulting, and data analytics. Over three decades, he has worked for two large law firms, two legal software companies, two legal consulting companies, and two legal outsourcing companies.

In many of these roles, Ron has innovated. He was early to work on multiple now common approaches in the legal market: created hypertext systems before the web was invented (1989); co-designed a digital system to manage paper in discovery with scanning, OCR, NLP, and structured databases (1990); co-conceived one of the first law firm Intranets (1995); built, explained, and promoted legal expert systems (1998); supported enforceable online contracts via digital signatures (2000); explained and delivered outsourced services in the legal market (2003); recognized and promoted the potential of AI applications in law (2006); wrote functional requirements for one of the first commercial LPM software products (2012); and started the legal market conversation around Blockchain by suggesting, organizing, and moderating first ILTA session on it (2016).

Before his work in the legal market, Ron worked as an econometrician for economic forecasting firm and management consultant at Bain & Company.

Ron is well-known in the legal market via his blog (Strategic Legal Technology), Tweeting, frequently published articles, and regular conference presentations.

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