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Kira Systems: Machine Learning Technologies for Non-Technical Users ILTACON 2016 Annual Educational Conference General Education Session
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August 31, 2016
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM ET
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Annapolis 1 & 2

How do firms use Kira to complete due diligence and other contract review tasks in 20 to 90 percent less time without sacrificing accuracy? The award-winning proprietary machine learning technology automatically identifies and extracts relevant information from all types of contracts and organizes it into metadata that can be exported and synced into other systems. Kira comes with ready-to-use machine learning models covering due diligence, general commercial, corporate organization, real estate and compliance. And anyone can train Kira to accurately identify and extract virtually any desired clause, with no technical knowledge required using Kira Quick Study. Firms also deploy Kira for knowledge management, contract search, analytics and other use cases where visibility into contract provisions is critical. Clifford Chance LLP and DLA Piper will tell their tales! The session will be hosted by Steve Obenski, Chief Marketing Officer of Kira Systems, and he will be joined by Paul Greenwood, Chief Information Officer at Clifford Chance LLP and Michael Tominna, Director of Technology at DLA Piper.
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> Kira Systems: Machine Learning Technologies for Non-Technical Users